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  • You first might want to watch the presentation about from FOSDEM 2007: 233M good quality ogg theora video, 61M low quality ogg theora video, the slides used.
  • We still need webdesigners, although the page already looks much nicer :-) If you want to help:
    • 1. optional step: get an alioth account
    • 2. optional step: tell me you want to help and I add you to the d-community project.
    • 3. svn co svn://
    • 4. send patches (doesn't require 2.) :)

    Valessio Brito made two website layout proposals, I like the second one the most:
    Andrew Donnellan made two CSS stylesheets based on the second design, the one you now see here and another one to be used with ikiwiki.

Contribute to Debian: